Monday, July 30, 2012

Journey by train

Shafeen (my son) sleeping at upper bath and Dia (my youngest sisters daughter) sleeping at lower bath. Both liked the cabin very much 

Shafeen, me and Dia

Shafeen and me waiting in the Kamalapur Railway Station

Last year we had a train journey. It was awesome except some poor experience, which I like to share with you all, so that, before making any plan to journey by train, you can aware of those problems and benefits.

We traveled from Dhaka to Chittagong. Our train was at 7:30 am. We reached at the train station at 7:00am. A mother who has a toddler she knows very well how difficult it is to get up and get ready in the morning. After reaching we saw our train still not arrived and after 15 minutes we get to know that the train will be late. So, it may start at 11am. We have seen many passengers left the station, probably will come later. But for me it was difficult to carry all bags to home and bring back again. So, we waited at the first class waiting room. It was really good and we really could take rest over there. At the first floor of the station, there is a restaurant. My sister went there and had a good breakfast. She recommends it.

At 11am we get on the train. We booked an AC cabin. Accommodation was great; it was really clean and nice. The AC worked great. We really spend very good time in it in the total journey. We drink tea and eat food from train’s food court several times. At the beginning the journey started very well. Here I must say who doesn’t have any hurry on timing and want to have a good journey then must book a cabin and had a good train journey.

We are very familiar with traffic jam in city, but for the first time we faced train jam. Before every station (where the train shouldn’t stop) our train stopped for several minutes, because it couldn’t find the free train line to run. Many times I thought I should get down and buy some lunch packet, because in train only snacks are available.

And when the train stops, the door became open. Many people get on the train. They started fill all blank sits (without ticket). Even after some moment we had to stop going to the cafeteria because all chairs were filled up with traveling people. With every compartment of AC cabin or chair, there is a sit for a security person (I guessed) that is also became filled. If you traveled train before, you must notice there are some free spaces between every compartment of the train, that place also covered with people.

Finally by stopping hundreds of time we reached at Chittagong at 9pm. By this time all free spaces of train were filled up with people. Our children were very much tired by staying too long time in one small space.
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