Friday, July 27, 2012

You don’t need to feel so important always

Sometimes for some incidence you felt very much important, sometimes actually you were wrong. Let me give you some example.

While my training was going on, one day our trainer gave us a URL and told us to browse. I didn’t know where I did the mistake in the URL, the site wasn’t coming in my pc. On that moment the class room was full of students, randomly I choose one who was sitting just behind me and request him to come to my pc and check the URL. For me that was the total situation. But for the boy the situation was just started… he started thinking why did I pick him, why not others, his friends started making joking with two of us, and as usual the boy started thinking of me. First, I didn’t notice that something is going on with this boys mind. From next he started to communicate with me every now and then. I get scared. I wanted to stop it, so I started avoiding him totally. But it took years to make him understand that there was nothing between us.

In universities, lots of young boys and girls do study. If a girl just smile to a boy, just for social manners, that she knows the boy or he is a student of her class, or department, he started feeling that he is the one. Otherwise why she gave me a smile, there are other boys were also available.

Sometimes we found some one’s face is matching with any of our relative or well known person, on that case you will try to notice the boy’s face twice to be confirmed… and what the boy is thinking on that moment, that he became a hero of that girl.

We girls when communicate with boys, we try to pick the safer one, like a married person or a person of other religion, so that love kind of thinking won’t come fast. But we are wrong, they also things the same way.

To friends I must say, please don’t force to think the boy that the girls started liking him. For you its fun, because you also know, it’s not the truth. But for the boy, it could be the life and death issue.
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