Monday, August 6, 2012

Frozen foods always help me in crisis

Dia (my youngest sister’s daughter) and Shafeen (my son) is cooking

At the second day of this month I went to the shopping mall Agora at Shantinagar Circle. There I got to know that if I brought 3 packets of Brac chicken item, then I can get a Tiffin box. I liked the offer and brought chicken nugget, chicken sausages and chicken burger patties. My husband Faisal told me that for the Tiffin box I had brought some unnecessary things. But I know, in every problem, these frozen foods became very helpful.

Yesterday I became very sick. I was too weak to wake up from bed. Whole day I took rest and at Iftar I fried all nuggets and chicken patties. I took iftar with these foods, fruits and rooh afza. My son also liked them. 
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