Thursday, December 13, 2012

Battery rickshaw

Yesterday for the first time I ride on a battery rickshaw. When I asked the rickshaw puller, will you go to “Taltola market”; I didn’t notice it’s a battery rickshaw. After fixing the rate rickshaw puller informed me, he can’t use the main road, because this is a battery rickshaw, he had to go through Bashabo area. A battery rickshaw isn’t strong enough to pull the rickshaw up to the main road. Because of this I got know about some new sub lane of Bashabo and without traffic jam reached at the market. I my mind I was thinking about its positive and negative things. Like

Negative things:

1. We are living in a load shedding country. Every now and then electricity goes out. Everywhere people are buying IPS and generator to solve this power problem. In this situation why we need this rickshaw?

2. I could guess, these poor rickshaw pullers are not going to pay the electric bill while recharging their batteries. So, all will go in to the system loss for our electric department, and to solve this problem they will increase the electric bill. So, who pays the bill, will be effected. Who doesn’t, will be always free.

Positive things:

1. By using the battery I have seen the rickshaw puller don’t need give any physical afford to ride. So, they won’t get tired soon and any old or woman (who rides rickshaw) can easily do this job.

2. This is a faster vehicle than the pulling one. I mean it is faster than the pulling rickshaw and slower than any auto engine.
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