Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to have some more space to take breath

In our country we like to meet people, especially with relative or friends. So, we don’t bother whether we have enough recreational places or not. We like visit other houses (friends or family) and enjoy time with each other. Nothing wrong with it. But sometimes we also look for some place where we can enjoy time with company (who ever you want to take with or alone) and enjoy a new beautiful place. Sometimes we only need to see other things to get relax. I have heard from many villagers that they want to come to Dhaka to see the zoo and airport (to view how airplane gets up and down). Zoo is available but not the second one. We all know that.

Here is my thought (of course it’s my blog, where I always place my thoughts), when we build any public structure we can give some extra space for visitors. Like we have seen in afternoon, many people go to the flyover and river bridge or beside the bank of the river only to have some time in open air. Why don’t we make little space for that? We can give charge to any company who will be responsible for the visitor’s space, sitting arrangements, food, cleaning, safety and other things. They can ask small charge for that too (like 2 to 10 taka per head). Airport, bus stand and many other places where we can make some space for that. So, urban people can go there with their friends and family and have some good time.

I know everything has some negative side. But we can overcome those too. The negative side could be:
a ) the company may took money and give bad service.
b) If people start taking too much money, poor may not get enter.
c) We all know in our country everywhere people do and fight for chadabazy (demand money without any authority), here this problem may arise too.

But if we could overcome or minimize all problems, we can give the urban people more and different kind of recreational space and they don’t have to live like a cage.
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