Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitchen hand gloves can be very helpful in winter

Shafeen playing with water, here Shafeen 3 years and 9 months old.

For 2 weeks I had suffered with cold and tonsil problem. I started taking antibiotic. I saw no result after 3 days of taking antibiotic. Whenever I touch water (cold) in kitchen cough increased. But I had to clean dishes, wash vegetables, meat, fish or rice. Then I found a solution. I start using hand gloves.  Once I bought it for emergency cases. Because when I cut my hand I couldn't put band aid or any other bandages, because when it got wet, it comes out. So, on those days I had to use gloves. Now it worked in winter. After using gloves I recovered within 2 days (with antibiotic).

I also found these gloves are more hygienic. Because you do only kitchen work with these. So, it’s more germs free. It protects your nails and keeps your hands clean. It is also helpful not to get color from turmeric and many more facilities. I suggest all who works in kitchen should use hand gloves.

It has negative sides too. It is difficult to keep wearing gloves and does the entire kitchen work, when you are not use to. I don’t know whether I can wear it in summer or not. With cloves, it is little difficult to cut vegetables in mini piece, because a knife can cut the gloves too. You also had to take extra care when you are working with fire. It’s plastic, so you know.

Despite all these negative things, I really found gloves are very useful in kitchen work.
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