Friday, December 28, 2012

Mini gets together by Deborah

This picture is from an old day’s celebration, probably our monthly lunch together. From left you can see Tipu bro, Emran, me and Deborah. It was taken at August, 2006.

Yesterday we (ex-colleagues) had a mini get together and had really some very good moments. All credits goes to Deborah. She came in Bangladesh for few days (will stay till January 19, 2013) and wanted to meet with all of her friends and well wishers. So, she asked all of her ex-colleagues (most of) who are in Bangladesh right now to “Gloriajean’s” at December 27.

First I thought this is not a very good idea. It’s better to meet individually at home or other place. Because there are many internal clash going on between many people, if one shows another won’t come. But I decided to go; I wanted to meet with her, and who ever join there. And I am happy that I didn't miss that.

I decided to go at 5pm and wanted to stay one hour then will return, because I had to come back alone, and I really afraid to go out at night (after some incidence). I knew, if I took a rickshaw it may take 45 minutes, but I took 15 minutes in hand because of traffic jam. But Allah helped me; I was there at 4:45pm. I called Deborah, because no one was there. That’s OK, before Tipu bro show up, I spend my time by watching people and their activity. I asked a waiter to arrange a table for 10 to 12 people; he replied it will take time, so please wait. I found a corner with a comfortable sofa and enjoyed my own time.

At 5:30 pm Tipu bro came. We met with each other after a long time. We spend time by knowing each other’s current status and about our surroundings. I guess after 10/15 minutes Deborah came. I got her message after that. Sorry, Deborah I didn’t replied because on that moment we were all busy with chitchat. Then Tazeen, Saira, Moin and Mrs Moin came. We enjoyed coffee together. Thanks for the coffee Deborah, I never had such a worse cappuccino, but because of you and others company everything goes perfect.

We took some pictures, I should have collect from others camera through Bluetooth, but forgot. I have my ones but I can’t upload those for some technical problem. I will fix that problem soon, hopefully.
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