Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunglass point

The picture had been taken before bhabi lost her sunglass.

Few months ago we went to Cox’s bazaar to enjoy the beach ofBay of Bengal. Last day we all go into the water (generally I went everyday) and one bhabi suddenly said she lost her sunglass. She gave all blame to her husband who wanted to get drown her in the sea water and this happen. Her husband’s excuse is if you don’t get drowned in the water then why are you in the sea. Anyway the point is sunglass missing. After sometime I felt something below my leg, first I thought a rock, so, I wanted to pull it out and because I don’t want to cut my leg with it. And then I found it’s a sunglass. I was really happy that finally I found bhabi’s sunglass. I gave it to her and she said it’s not her. It’s for gent, ops, and my happiness gone. Though I didn't take it back from her (why should I). But one thing for sure, we found a sunglass point where people lost their sunglasses.

I thought the sunglass story was finished there, but I had a little more. After leaving the hotel room, I took the responsibility to check the room and handover the keys to the hotel. I found that sunglass is on my coffee table. May be bhabi didn’t take it and returned to me. I gave it to the room boy (of hotel Sea Palace) and said, I found it in the sea, if anyone claim please handover to them.
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