Thursday, June 26, 2008

How much money do you have in your money bag?

If you ask me the question, then I will say, I don’t know. Generally I don’t count small amount of monies and always keep a 500 (BDT) note for emergency. Today I have invited my husband to take lunch together, coz his office is shifting far away from my office. It will be difficult for us to meet in day time. You can say some kind of farewell.
We took delicious lunch. Ask for bill and suddenly I found I have some small amount of money and no 500 (BDT). I didn’t know what to do? May be I have to keep my husband waiting in the restaurant and go out and get some money from Bank…..
But luckily my husband has some money (generally he doesn’t keep much with him). I rest of the bill he paid….
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