Thursday, January 21, 2010

Own personality

Generally people can't stay alone. But why? If you think logically you will find nothing wrong to be alone. But togetherness is fun or more productive. In some cases it's a big liability.

My son is now 1 year and one month old. Every day he is discovering something new in the world. I have seen, when he stays alone he gets afraid or he afraid to do new things some times. But if he see his cousin (8 years old boy) is doing the same thing, he loves to do that. Will he be always like that? Will I have to show someone who is doing the thing so Shafeen (my son) can try that also?

I had seen in my younger brother, who always become like his friend or partner. I am watching this from his childhood. He becomes good if his friend is like that. He become rough if his friend like that. He always should have strong personality of his own. May be he has but in many cases he follows others.

My husband always believe others word. Either it's wrong or right, he believes all. I wish Allah give him more strong personality to believe on himself.

Now I pray to Allah to make my son more brave to take initiative by himself, not only look at others.
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