Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Again problem starts with CNG auto rickshaw

me and Shafeen

Sick people or who are with children or pregnant women or old people can’t ride bus. Now a day they can’t ride of rickshaw too. First of all there are many places where rickshaw has restriction to go and all roads of Dhaka are not smooth, it’s difficult for those people to sit in jumping seat. And bus is always packed with people; it’s not possible to run after bus always. The only option left is CNG auto rickshaw. Previously people felt very difficult to ride CNG auto rickshaw because they use to take a lot of money to travel one place to another. They don’t care about miters or rates. When government rises they rate of CNG auto rickshaw few of them start moving with rate and with some extra. That is not good but effort able. But now government rise CNG rate. So again that trouble arises. Where rates comes 40 taka they take 100tk. How can a person use CNG auto rickshaw now?
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