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Example of a simple Bank software Flow plan for an office

Shafeen Planning on paper

Office... bank / Office accounts

This is a mirror of a bank, where all money transaction of all bank account of a company, will be recorded and will generate reports and alerts (high levels alerts will send sms). Here any one can see the current balance any time. So this will be very helpful to understand the current status of profit and to make any financial decision.
Flow chart:
This will be a web based solution. When a user hit the url, It will show the login page. Then, only valid users can see the home page or dash board with related features and link. See below flow chart:

  1. login:
To authenticate user and her privileges we will use this page. User will give her username/email and password to enter the solution.

  1. home page:
After login in, user will see her balance sheet first. So whenever she logged in, she will see her current balance status at a glance in a table with a graph.

For example: (this is not design a concept, only concept on features)
Other important links will also be available in the home page. They are as follows:

    1. current balance status:
This will be user’s choice, weather she likes to see the table or graph after login. If she chooses to see the table first, then this link will show her the graph of the table. And if she chooses to see the graph first, this link will show the table.
For example:
b)money withdraw:
This link will open a form to enter the money withdraw information. in the form user has to give withdraw date, type of withdraw, reason, person etc and all information will be store in database to create different kinds of reports and alerts.

For example:

  1. c) money deposit:

    This form will deposit money in this bank.
    For example:
    d) money transfer:
    Transfer money from one bank to another or from on account to another account. For example:
    e) bank:
                                                                  i.      list
    User will see the list of bank which had been added already with their balance. if user click on view button she will see the detail info of that bank.
    For example:
    ii)  add
    To add a new bank info, user will use a form and submit the new data.
    For example:
    iii)  edit
    When user click on edit button of any particular bank she will see a form, like add form with the current data. Then she can edit and update data.
                                                                iv)      delete
    To delete any bank information totally, user have to select a bank name from the list then click on delete button. Then a confirmation popup will come, if she click on “yes” then that bank information will be removed.
    f) account:

                                                                  i.      list
    This will take user to a list of account no from different bank.
    For example:

    ii)   add
    To add a new account information user has to select a bank (which had been added before) then add the new account name and related information.
    For example:
                                                                  ii)      edit
    Edit page will show up with same form as “add” with current info (which had been added before).
                                                                iii)      delete
    User will select the account no and press delete button.
     g) category:
    When user click on “category” link, she will see the list of category name with link to add category, edit, view and delete category.
                                                                  i.      list
    For example:
    ii) Add

                                                                  iii.      edit
    Same form like add category form with data in edit form. User has to edit data and update it.
                                                                vi.      delete
    Select from the list and press delete.
    h) subcategory:

                                                                  i.      list
    ii) Add

    iii) Edit
    iv) Delete
    I) reports:
    Different kinds of reports could be place here, that’s why I had mentioned report a or b.
                                                                  i.      balance report:
    User can view bank wise balance report by selecting bank and date. Report could be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

                                                                  ii.      deposit report:
    This report will show only the deposit information of all accounts. Bank, date, table or graph selection option will be like balance report.
                                                                iii.      withdraw report:
    This report will show only the withdraw information of all accounts. Bank, date, table or graph selection option will be like balance report.
    3. admin:
    Except view different kinds of smart report there is some admin option for the user. Like:
      1. person:
                                                                  i.      list:
    Admin will see all person names that are in the company Including talents, managements, driver, cleaner etc.
    1.      details
    When user click on the view button, she will see the detail information of that person. 
    ii) Add

    III) Edit

    iv) Delete
    To delete any person’s information user will select person or persons name from the list then press delete button.
    b) privilege
                                                                  i.      list
    This page will show the privileges list with add, edit, view and delete option. When user clicks on view button, she will see the detail information and list of the persons, who currently have this privilege access.

    ii) Add

    iii) Edit
    iv) Delete
    c. change password
                                                                  i.      user list:
    To change any user’s password super admin will see the list of all users with a link to change password form.
    Individual users will only see a form to change their own password.
    1.      change password form
    This is primary planning for a account system.

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