Monday, May 30, 2011

First headache then get cold

You know, how the weather condition going in Bangladesh. Temperature is too high. It's difficult for me sometimes to take a breath. When I go outside I felt my brain is boiling. At home also not a comfortable situation. I got headache for this high temperature. So I started using my Air Condition at day time too (generally I use it only at bedtime to save power). And I am drinking cold water and soft drinks too. And guess what, I got cold now. Now it became painful for me to coughing all time with headache. It's became difficult to sleep at night too.  So again stopped Air Condition at day time, will turn it on after 11pm. Stopped taking cold food. Drinking lemon juice and honey with zinger juice. I will cover my head and neck while sleeping. Let's see what happen next..
Shahana Shafiuddin
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