Thursday, May 5, 2011

This post is only for Shafeen

 8th May is international mother's day.  On this occasion I am writing this post.


Dear son, you are still very young. One day you will grow up, will learn how to read. I don't know, on that time weather I will be available or not. When you get born, I pray in my mind that I will protect you from every single problem, as long as I live. But on the next moment my heart bit stopped. Doctors tried to recover with different machines and injections (like steroid).  They had to fight for 9 hours. Then I realize, I can't expect that I can take care of you for your whole life.


If I can't be with you, please remember, my blessings will be always with you. When you first ride on the plain, you get afraid and start saying, mom is here, and mom is here. Like this way I am always with you. I am praying to Allah that you might never fall in any problem. May Allah protect you in your life and after your life. Always rely on Allah and never loss your hope.

Shahana Shafiuddin

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