Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diet control

Me and Shafeen (my son) in front of Mirpur cricket stadium during ICC world cup 

I was little proud of myself that I can control myself for taking any kind of food. When I get attack by allergy I stopped taking many food without confirming weather they will make allergy reaction on me or not. Some of them were very favorite food of mine. Like beef, Hilsha fish etc.
Now I am little overweighed. I want to remove some extra pound from my body. First I stopped taking food at night. But that didn’t worked. Then I stopped taking food at breakfast. That didn’t work out too. Now I am only taking vegetables and fruits. I hope this will work. But I think, I am not that much strong as I was earlier. Every minute in my mind I am looking for other foods. But still I am controlling myself. I will continue this food habit, until I get the perfect weight.
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