Monday, July 4, 2011

For shopping the places I go

Shafeen at PQS

When I decide for shopping for some necessary things first I think where I should go to get the best thing. Then I start calculating which place is near from my place, where I can get in cheap and finally where I should get good environment. Last one is very important for me. I have small kid with me. I can’t go to the local market (kacha bazar) for fresh vegetables and other things in cheap. Again, I have to work alone so I always prefer some kind of processed chicken (cleaned by shopping mall), fish (cut by shop keeper). Again I am not good in arguing for prices. So I better go for fixed price shop. That’s why in most cases I prefer shopping mall. All shopping malls are not near from my house and all doesn’t well in every item. So each time I go for shopping I go to different shopping malls. Like I go Nandan, PQS, Agora and Shapna. Sometimes Mina bazaar too. For pricing I like Nandan. Almas doesn’t have vegetables and meat section. But they are good in cosmetics and baby materials. For readymade dresses I like Arong. They have good collection for over weighted people like me J . New market is good for footpath (hockers) shopping. But it’s far away from my house so I go to mouchak market. My youngest sis suggests that khigaon Taltola market is good in hockers item. Someday will check that too.
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