Tuesday, July 26, 2011

People maintain status/class

Shafeen, took this picture by himself

In Bangladesh people always maintain their class or status. Especially in the economic condition, people maintain their status. Who are rich they don’t like to mix with less rich or poor people. Well this happens everywhere in the world. But here case is little more different.

Among friends, those who got job doesn’t like to keep relation with who doesn’t have any. Then people, who have car, don’t like to make friendship that doesn’t have any car. Even they don’t like to give lift to those who doesn’t have car, but they will easily give lift that does have car.

Now recent class formed. Friends who migrated to other country don’t like to keep communication that doesn’t or couldn’t. After long time, may be one friend from Australia might ask you hey friend, how are you? Where are you now? If you replied I am in Canada now, then fine. But if you say, I am in Bangladesh, in very next moment they will stop talking/chatting with you. Because, you are still not grown up to their class, they are foreigner now, you know.
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