Monday, October 31, 2011

A common reason for breaking up friendship

I believe there are many reasons for breaking up with friends. Some are very common. Among them the most common issue is money. Money breaks not only friendship also make problem in every relationship.

In my university life we are 3 good friends, including me.  I knew, if money problem came then our friendship will be broken. So I told everyone, if anyone gives us treats that’s different, otherwise we will divide every single expenses into 3. No matter how high or low that amount. And it really worked. We never fight or had any problem in mind for money. Let me give you an example. To go to Shamsunnahar hall from Anex building, Dhaka University we took rickshaw. We always told offer them we 3 girl will go with 3 taka, do you agree. Some didn’t agree, but most of them did.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Java: lightspeed

class lightspeed
public static void main(String[] args)
   int lightspeed;
long days;
long seconds;
long distance;

lightspeed = 186000;
days = 99;
seconds = days * 24 * 60 * 60;
distance = lightspeed * seconds;

System.out.println("In" + days);
        System.out.println("days light will travel about");
        System.out.println(distance + "miles.");

Dark circles

I have seen, celebrities, who are working in front of camera all have dark circles under their eyes. I don’t know why this happens. May be for working late night, less sleep and deep make up. Generally nobody can see that, because of their good makeup. This hides their dark circle. Now what about general people like you and me? We can’t use this kind of make up to hide dark circle every day. To get rid of dark circles I will suggest you to visit this site. Here you can find several products for dark circle; you can choose anyone which is perfect for you.

You can also get advises for your healthy diet, homemade remedy, life style, make up masking, facial exercise etc to get rid of dark circles. You will also some information about sensitive eye and organic eye cream. Here you can get to know about the reasons why this dark circle came. So you can prevent this kind of problem. Like: rubbing and scratching the area, heredity, allergies, eczema, nasal congestion, sun exposure causes production of melanin, dehydration, anemia, poor diet, lack of vitamin K, life style and aging etc.

The good thing is in this website you will get advice to improve your life style to prevent and reduce your dark circle. Like: using extra pillows, get more sleep, wear sunglasses and sunscreen, try using saline etc.

There are three types of eye cream: Normal Face Creams, Synthetic Eye Creams and Organic Eye Creams. They also will also tell you what you will get in those eye creams. Like: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Copper, selenium, iron, zinc, Ginseng Extracts, Aloe Vera etc.

This option of the site I guess you will like more. They have video to show you how to do make up to hide your dark circle.

Call to Bangladesh

Now a day Bangladeshi’s are living and working all over the world, in almost all countries. Most of them left their family or parents at Bangladesh. So, you can understand no matter where they live or how they stay, their heart is always in Bangladesh. The main and quick way of communication is phone call. You can call Bangladesh by getting easy and cheap card from universal-call.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Use Google chrome browser to reduce your internet bill

I am using wimax in Bangladesh. And I was happy with my internet speed and cost. But suddenly I found, my prepaid card is empty in 4 days, where I was using that same card for one month. I tried to find what happened and finally I realize that it is the Firefox. Whenever I started using Firefox browser it is killing my bandwidth. So, now again I am using only Google chrome and budget is going good now. So, my suggestion for all who are using costly internet connection in low bandwidth, use Google chrome for browsing. 

IT Support Lincoln

You know, how important the IT support is for any business. Specially in Uk at Lincoln in Lincolnshire.  Many small and big companies are hiring people or company for IT Support Lincoln. For customize software and web support you must need IT support. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Java: Compare

class compare
{//this coment line
public static void main(String[] args)
    String s = "Shahana";
    String s1 = "shahana";
    int ss = s.compareTo(s1);
}//end of main
}// end of class compare

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My bangla blog

I am writing over here regularly for years. Here I am writing in English. I have another blog which language is Bangla. Here I am writing only about my good feelings in my everyday life. I am sorry to say, this blog will only be for those who understand Bangla.

Popular diet pill

Today I will talk with you about African Mango. Not about the fruit, but the diet pill. They have 3 different diet pills. They are Certified African Mango, Healthier African Mango and Life Extension. Let me explain little elaborately

Certified African Mango: It will burn fat, suppress appetite (this is very important, most people can’t stop taking food because of hunger), control the Obesity Hormone Leptin and Regulate Digestion.

Healthier African Mango: Encourages thermo-genesis, controls blood sugar levels (good for the diabetics patients), natural appetite suppresant and decreases your bad cholesterol levels (who doesn’t want it).

Life Extension: Delaying digestion and absorption of sucrose, enhancing resting energy expenditure at the cellular level, slowing the absorption of dietary fat from the intestines, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, slows the absorption of starches and sugars into the bloodstream, Supporting leptin sensitivity to stimulate lipolysis, supporting youthful levels of adiponectin to help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity and reduces the amount of ingested starches that are stored as fat

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Java: equals

I worked with this file long time back.

class equalsnotequalto
    public static void main (String args[])
         String s1 = "Hello";
         String s2 = new String(s1);

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At beginning, I couldn’t stop crying

After getting married from the first day I am listening bad words or comment on my parents. First, I couldn’t stand it. I fall in cry. At the beginning of my married life, I couldn’t stop my tears when they said about my parents. Even I didn’t realize before that I love parents this much.

Everybody loves their parents. But they forget about that when a bride came at their home. They think they can say and do anything with her and she doesn’t have any right to argue. To tell you the truth, I never argued with them, no matter what they do or say. Later on my tolerance power increased, I could just listen and didn’t cry. But still I didn’t say any bad word about them even didn’t complain to my husband. But he never realize my problem, he is always with them. Never defend for me, just agreed what they say. Even he never thought, whether they are saying right or wrong. I expected him to stand before me and at least to stop them when they used bad thoughts about my parents. May be he thinks, only his parents should be respected… I have no value.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Java: Oracle connection

import java.util.*;
import java.sql.*;
import java.math.*;

public class dataSourceClass {
public static InputStream getStream(Hashtable hashtable) throws SQLException {

Enumeration hashEnum = hashtable.keys();

while (hashEnum.hasMoreElements()) {
String hashKey = (String) hashEnum.nextElement();
String hashValue = (String) hashtable.get(hashKey);

Load the driver. This is an example of using the Oracle thin driver.
Make sure to use the correct path to the actual driver being used.

DriverManager.registerDriver (new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());

// Connect to the database

Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection ("YourConnectionStringGoesHere");
/* An Oracle connection might look something like:

Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection ("jdbc:oracle:thin:@Name:1521:orcl", "UserID", "Passwd");

// Create a new statement
Statement newStatement = connection.createStatement ();

This sample statement assumes that the database has a table named
"Employees" with columns "First_Name" and "Last_Name"

ResultSet resultSet = newStatement.executeQuery ("select First_Name, Last_Name from Employees");

StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();

//since a movieClip is required to display each row of data, we specify "clip" in the datasource.

buffer.append("clip, First_Name, Last_Name\n");

while ( ()) {
While printing the values out, we will add the name of the movieClip that will be used to display the data.
For this example, we would have a movieClip in our template called "myClip." This movieClip would contain the
text variables {First_Name} and {Last_Name}.

buffer.append("myClip, " + resultSet.getString(1) + "\n");


InputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(buffer.toString().getBytes());

return inputStream;


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh sleep

When I was young, I never understood what a problem of sleep is. I have heard many people says, they can’t sleep or having problem in sleep. After grown up this problem catch me too. Nothing serious but it effects. If any how I felt disturbs in sleeping it doesn’t come back for hours. Then without any sleep I had to work and stay awake. I stay awoke for whole night for several reasons. Like joy (only once), mental disturbance, pain and now my son. No matter what happens I should sleep at least for 5 hours. Otherwise I can’t work properly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Information is taken from:

Taking an average is not much more difficult. If we want to find the average Mb of RAM for the different processor types listed in the PC table we could issue the following SQL statement:

SELECT Avg(PC.RAM) AS Memory, PC.Processor
GROUP BY PC.Processor;

Yielding the result:
74.66Pentium 2
64Pentium Pro
Other aggregate functions include Min, Max, Sum etc, depending on your particular implementation of SQL.
Any WHERE cause will have been applied before the GROUP BY clause takes effect, so it is easily possible to exclude certain records from the aggregate functions. This means, however, that it is not possible to use the WHERE clause to exclude some of the aggregated results. For example if you were interested in looking at the average disk size of machines for those machines not running Windows 95, we would use the WHERE clause to exclude OpSys='Win95', and then the GROUP BY clause to group by OpSys:

SELECT Avg(PC.Disk), PC.OpSys AS Disk
WHERE PC.OpSys<>'Win95'

If we want to apply a selection process on the outcome of the GROUP BY process we have to resort to another type of selection clause. SQL uses the HAVING clause to make selections of data after the GROUP BY process has completed. For example, if we wanted a listing of the average memory per processor type but were only interested if the average were less than or equal to 64Mb, we could code a query as follows:

GROUP BY PC.Processor
HAVING Avg(PC.RAM) <=64;

The HAVING clause can have multiple terms, just as the WHERE clause can, and these can be linked with the normal logical operators AND, OR etc.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy birthday

Shafeen (my son) in front of a birthday cake

Enjoy your day, as you wanted. It’s yours. You are the person who’s company always give me happy feeling. Without doing anything if one could make my day perfect is you. Wish you all the best. Have a great life. And you don’t need to send any greetings in return, because whatever you say, it results opposite.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Faisal and Shafeen working with cell phone

I got this info from
We can aggregate records so that we can calculate sums, averages, counts and so on.
One of the simplest operations to perform is a simple count of records in a table. To do this we need only add to the simplest of SELECT queries. First we create an alias to store the result, and then we use the COUNT command to count a given field - in our case EmpNo:

SELECT DISTINCT Count(User.EmpNo) AS Total
FROM User;

What if we want something a bit more complex, say a count of employees in each department. Here we want to group like records together based on a given field, in our case Dept. SQL provides the GROUP BY clause precisely for this task. The query then looks as follows:

SELECT Count(User.EmpNo) AS Total, User.Dept
GROUP BY User.Dept;

Which generates the following table:


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picture bags

You know, in fashion you won’t look gorgeous only for your dresses, but for accessories and bags. Now do you like to use common bags or something different? What about a bag with your own or your loved ones picture. Isn’t it great? Your children and other people will also shock and will like those. Those look just incredible. Don’t like to see what you can have in picture bags? Check the site carefully and take your decision. This picture bag can be a great gift to someone you care. Not only pictures you can add messages to your bags without changing its texture.

After marry, everything will be changed

I had heard this, but didn’t believe this quietly. Now, I agree with it. That after marry, everything changed. Especially this happens in financial condition. When I was with my parent, I never thought how much money do we have or I can afford. Whenever I went to market, always buy those things what I need. Then I start incoming by myself. Again, I was a free bird. I could buy and expend where ever I want to. After giving birth of my child, I gave full time to my son and found what? I don’t have enough money to live. Every moment I had to think, what I can buy what I can’t. Yes, after marry life is changed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Shafeen and Faisal

I got this info from

Although the INNER JOIN is the type of join most often used, it isn't the only one. There are in fact 'outer' joins as well as an inner join. A good illustration of a useful outer join follows on from our previous examples. The table of users and software only lists those users for whom software products are recorded, but what if we want to list all of the users in our database? Clearly we would need to join the User to UserSoftware, but we would want all of the records from User listed, not just those for which there is a matching employee number. We do this using a type of outer join called a LEFT JOIN.
We can thus amend our SQL as follows:

SELECT DISTINCT User.FirstName, User.LastName, Software.ProductName
FROM (User LEFT JOIN UserSoftware ON User.EmpNo = UserSoftware.EmpNo) 
LEFT JOIN Software ON UserSoftware.ProductID = Software.ProductID;

This generates the following table of results:
MaryJonesMS Word
TerryJonesPaintShop Pro
Note that some systems report a missing value as NULL, others (including MS Access) would simply return a blank in the above result.
And what about those software products for whom there are no users? Again we need an outer join, only this time we want to include those records from the second table in the query, which is called a RIGHT JOIN.

SELECT DISTINCT User.FirstName, User.LastName, Software.ProductID
FROM (UserSoftware LEFT JOIN User ON UserSoftware.EmpNo = User.EmpNo) 
RIGHT JOIN Software ON UserSoftware.ProductID = Software.ProductID;

Monday, October 17, 2011

Is loneliness good?


I don’t know, I have thought about it a lot. I am alone (with a kid). I have always seen I do more work when I am alone. But in that time in my mind, I stay little unhappy. But when I a surrounded by people, they take more time from me and my work processed very slowly. Though they disturb me in my work, I like to have them. So, in a conclusion which type should I choose? Don’t know. May be I have to choose both randomly. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Century21

This is a blog site. Here you have articles or posts on making money, job, How to write resumes, business ideas etc. Inside they have four categories of pages. Like Crowd sourcing Snippets, Top Travel destinations, what do You Think and Opportunities. As this is a blog, in home page you will get a blink of every category. Then you can decide to look for more info.
If you like to check opportunity, that means you want to know to make more money in your life and you want some advice. They are giving link for details in this area. Like opportunity in business, career, freelancer or home base work. Now whatever you like to know, go deep in your given URL. 


Shafeen and Tameem playing together

I got this info from

What if we want to find out how much disk space the users in the development department have? Here we have data from two different tables to look and it is here that the power of the relational model becomes apparent. At this point we need to create a relationship between the User and the PC table, and this relationship is called a JOIN in SQL/relational database terminology. There are a number of different types of JOIN available, depending on the what it is you need to achieve.
The most common form of join is called an INNER JOIN, and is used to match records between tables where there are matching values in a field common to both tables. For example we have the PCType field in the User and the PCTypeName field in the PC table, and so we would want to perform an INNER JOIN on these fields. The syntax to carry this out is fairly simple:

FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON table1.field1 operator table2.field2;

The operator is usually a simple '=', but other operators can be used, such as '<>', '>', '<' and so on. For the purposes of our example we want to join the tables where the User.PCType field is equal to the PC.PCTypeName field in order to extract the PC.Disk value. Our query would look as follows:

SELECT User.LastName, User.FirstName, User.PCType, PC.Disk
WHERE User.Dept="Development";

What if we want to link users to software to produce a list of software packages for each user? The UserSoftware table lists the EmpNo and the ProductID code, the first of these links to the User and the second to the Software table, thus requiring two joins:

SELECT DISTINCT User.FirstName, User.LastName, Software.ProductName
FROM (UserSoftware INNER JOIN User ON UserSoftware.EmpNo = User.EmpNo) 
INNER JOIN Software ON UserSoftware.ProductID = Software.ProductID;

This generates the following result:

TerryJonesPaintShop Pro
MaryJonesMS Word

To show the PCType in the result we would also need to link in the PC table, which we can join on the field of User.PCType:

SELECT DISTINCT User.FirstName, User.LastName, Software.ProductName, PC.PCTypeName
FROM ((UserSoftware INNER JOIN User ON UserSoftware.EmpNo = User.EmpNo) 
INNER JOIN Software ON UserSoftware.ProductID = Software.ProductID) 

As you can see, the useful information available from the linked tables is far higher than it is from a simple listing of the tables themselves. By linking the different tables together we can gather together the information which is inherent in the tables but is not otherwise easily accessible.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Internet bill

I use internet for general purpose. Like checking mails, do some micro works; write blogs, checking some social sites. Generally those were enough for Taka 300 package for a month. But suddenly that changed. This month I had to Taka 900, previous month Taka 600. I didn’t change my strategy of browsing; I don’t do downloading or watching video of movie.  Now the question is, from where this extra billing problem coming? I wish I could solve the problem and I wish no one is hacking my account.

Friday, October 14, 2011

SQL: duplicate a row in a access table


Q1: how can you duplicate a row in a access table, what is the sql command for that?


Q2: see the table below:

a     b     c     d

1    2      3      4

2    2      10   9

3    3     15    12

4    2     7      8

5    3     6      9

How can I get the very last number in column b?

i.e. I want to get the very last row for 2 or 3 in column b. How can I do that.

select top 2 * from [table1]

or selece last 2 * from [table1]

Love poems on necklace

You love your wife or your girl friend, right? And they like your poem. Now if you give her a necklace with love poems then? That will be loveliest gift that you ever give. Don’t miss your chance. Give your own lovepoems with necklace. Or you can take help from specialist also J

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I don’t want to love anyone

Faisal and Shafeen at Western Grill

You know what; love can give you both tremendous joy and sorrow. I am very afraid to get sorrow. I don’t want to love anyone. Love raises my expectation, and then it’s difficult to catch by anyone. And I get hurt. I don’t want to be hurt anymore. I had enough.

Then again, when my husband tells me that he is coming home from office, my heart start dancing…. Why? Can’t I control my heart?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pl/SQL: Writing and Compiling PL/SQL Packages.

package is a database object that groups logically related PL/SQL types, objects, and subprograms. Packages usually have two parts, a specification and a body, although sometimes the body is unnecessary. Thespecification is the interface to your applications; it declares the types, variables, constants, exceptions, cursors, and subprograms available for use. The body fully defines cursors and subprograms, and so implements the specification.
Unlike subprograms, packages cannot be called, parameterized, or nested. Still, the format of a package is similar to that of a subprogram:
CREATE PACKAGE name AS  -- specification (visible part)
   -- public type and object declarations
   -- subprogram specifications
END [name];

CREATE PACKAGE BODY name AS  -- body (hidden part)
   -- private type and object declarations
   -- subprogram bodies
   -- initialization statements]
END [name];
The specification holds public declarations, which are visible to your application. The body holds implementation details and private declarations, which are hidden from your application. As shown in the following figure, you can think of the specification as an operational interface and of the body as a "black box":

You can debug, enhance, or replace a package body without changing the interface (package specification) to the package body.
For example, we want to create a simple package providing three functions: hire_employee, fire_employee and raise_salary.
First we created the package specification.
CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE test AS -- package spec
    TYPE list IS VARRAY(25) of NUMBER(3);

    PROCEDURE hire_employee (emp_id INTEGER, name VARCHAR2);
    PROCEDURE fire_employee (emp_id INTEGER);
    PROCEDURE raise_salary (emp_id INTEGER, amount REAL);
END test;
Then we created the package body.
    PROCEDURE hire_employee (emp_id INTEGER, name VARCHAR2) IS
        INSERT INTO employee VALUES (emp_id, name, 1000);
    END hire_employee;

    PROCEDURE fire_employee (emp_id INTEGER) IS
        DELETE FROM employee WHERE empno = emp_id;
    END fire_employee;

    PROCEDURE raise_salary (emp_id INTEGER, amount REAL) IS
        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Increase Salary :' || to_char(amou
        UPDATE employee SET sal = sal + amount WHERE empno = emp_id;
    END raise_salary;
END test;

To compile the package, we can either type them into SQL*Plus terminal. And Oracle server will compile and store the package, or save them into separate files and compile them from SQL*Plus. Assume the package spec is stored in a file named spec, and the body is stored in another file named body. The following shows how to compile the package and make the procedure call at SQL*Plus.

>SQL @spec

>SQL @body

>SQL exec test.raise_salary(1,1000);

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand father and Grandmother

Shafeen and his grand father (maternal), my father has some problem in kidney that's why  his  belly is full with water.

In Bangladesh, we don’t have any social protection from society or government in old age. So every people raise their children and hope that in future they will look after them. And mostly they do. This should be like that. Even if they don’t want it, they should take care of by their children. At least they need some time from their children.

I want to give and help my parent as much as possible. But I can’t do anything for them; even still I am taking from them. I am living in my mother’s house; don’t pay any bill (electricity, water or gas) and tax. Sometimes when I fall in sick they fed me and my son. Right now I am using my father’s computer’s mouse and sound box. Because, my one’s weren’t working properly. In many ways I am taking favor from them where I should give them. My parents took care of me properly; even when they became grand pa and ma they are still doing their work.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

PL/SQL: Writing PL/SQL Procedures/Functions

PL/SQL functions returns a scalar value and PL/SQL procedures return nothing. Both can take zero or more number of parameters as input or output. The special feature about PL/SQL is that a procedure/function argument can be of input (indicating the argument is read-only), output (indicating the argument is write-only) or both (both readable and writable).
For example, the following is a PL/SQL procedure and a function.
PROCEDURE hire_employee (emp_id INTEGER, name VARCHAR2) IS
    INSERT INTO employee VALUES (emp_id, name, 1000);
END hire_employee;
   min_sal REAL;
   max_sal REAL;
   SELECT losal, hisal INTO min_sal, max_sal 
      FROM sals
      WHERE job = title;
   RETURN (salary >= min_sal) AND (salary <= max_sal);
END sal_ok;
   A function is called as part of an expression. For example, the function sal_ok might be called as follows:

    IF sal_ok(new_sal, new_title) THEN ...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Generally I can’t cook well

Shafeen, my son

Generally I can’t cook well. I know that. But I try my best. I always follows recipe that my food should become eatable. Sometimes they became very tasty sometimes not. Sometimes they are not eatable. Tonight my husband didn’t take dinner. I understood he didn’t like my cooking. Now what can I say, if you don’t like my cooking, cook something by yourself. I will eat that; I never make any objection about any one’s food.

Friday, October 7, 2011

PL/SQL: SQL Cursor

Shafeen sitting on bycycle with Tameem, who is riding the cycle

A SQL cursor is a private Oracle SQL working area. There are two types of SQL cursor: implicit or explicit cursor. The implicit cursor is used by Oracle server to test and parse the SQL statements and the explicit cursors are declared by the programmers.
Using the implicit cursor, we can test the outcome of SQL statements in PL/SQL. For example,
  • SQL%ROWCOUNT, return the number of rows affected;
  • SQL%FOUND, a BOOLEAN attribute indicating whether the recent SQL statement matches to any row;
  • SQL%NOTFOUND, a BOOLEAN attribute indicating whether the recent SQL statement does not match to any row;
  • SQL%ISOPEN, a BOOLEAN attribute and always evaluated as FALSE immediately after the SQL statement is executed.
To write the explicit cursor,  please refer to the following example. Note that a cursor definition can array a number of arguments.
For example,
CURSOR csr_ac (p_name VARCHAR2) IS
SELECT empno, name, sal
FROM employee
WHERE name LIKE '%p_name%';
FOR rec_ac IN csr_ac ('LE')
rec_ac.empno || ' ' || || ' '||v_sal); 

CLOSE csr_ac;
Another way of writing the above code, is to use the basic loop and the SQL%NOTFOUND cursor, as shown in the following.
CURSOR csr_ac (p_name VARCHAR2) IS
SELECT empno, name, sal
FROM employee
WHERE name LIKE '%p_name%';

v_a employee.empno%TYPE;
v_c employee.sal%TYPE;
csr_ac ('LE');
csr_ac INTO a, b, c;
        EXIT WHEN csr_ac%NOTFOUND;                       

        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(v_a || ' ' || v_b || ' '||v_c);

    CLOSE csr_ac;

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anniversary gift

Your marriage anniversary is the most important day for you and your partner. So, anniversary gift should be the special one. You might think on your budget. Don’t worry; here you can have ideas from low cost to high price gifts. Take a look. You don’t want to miss any chance to make your anniversary gift romantic and make feel your partner special. 


You know what your girl friend or your wife like most. Yes, in most cases that is necklace. Women has general interest and love on necklace. In your marriage anniversary or in special romantic date you might like to give her a special necklace, which will be romantic, precious and memorable. Then you can check this site and give then this necklace.

Personalised gifts

It’s very difficult to find the right gift for the right person. We always try to make happy with our gift. So, we need something special for our special person. What could be the best gift except personalisedgifts. Here you can get idea’s how and what you can give to your special person. And these are really very sentimental and heart touching gifts. Why don’t you just check these out?

Personalised Jewellery

When we think to give something to our special one, we search whole market and couldn’t find anything for them. The only way remains is personalised jewellery. You can put name on bracelet, necklace etc. You can give diamond. You can give Perl. Women like these always.  Even to make these more emotional you can put picture in it. Especially on locates, bracelets or pendent etc.

Romantic gift

If you are thinking to give any precious or romantic gift to your wife or your girl friend, then my suggestion is you can give her a necklace. You can check here for this romantic gift. Here you can give her a necklace with your own message. This will be attached with the necklace with glass frame. You know women. They like gifts especially if that is such a romantic one like this. You can try over here.

You can do Mobile Marketing, in 12 ways

Now a day we have plenty of option to choose products. There are many ways of advertising. In some cases even we don’t understand that we are influencing by the advertisement and buy that product. But in most cases we get irritate about advertising. Like news papers, spam emails, lots of mails etc. So, when we like to sell things we also like to advertise in a way where people won’t feel disturbed but will like the product.  The most interesting or easy way to go to people is mobile marketing. In this way, people won’t come to you to check your product, and you also won’t go to them but your information will go to them make them think that your product is the best, or interesting, so lest check it out. Mobile marketing means with less effort you will gain a lot. You won’t need much manpower. Only you have to smart enough to choose the right way and right words to get your target people.

Now let’s talk about the method of mobile marketing. Because, first you must know what are the options available to you. From which way you can reach to your target customers. Then you can choose your way or ways. You can see in the above picture there are many ways to do mobile marketing. Like…
·         SMS through cell phone
·         Radio
·         TV
·         Mail
·         Email
·         Web
·         Display
·         Print
·         Fax
·         Voice
·         Outdoor
·         Packaging

Now let’s discuss little elaborately. Cell phone is the most effective way to reach to common people. But you can’t disturb them. If anyone subscribes that they like to have more info about your product or get upcoming product info then you can send them message on recent updates. You can add another option, that if anyone likes to have more info can send sms, your people will contact with them to convince them about your product.
Radio is another way of mobile marketing. But here you have to think who listening radios are and who your target audiences are.
TV is most powerful media for marketing. Now depends how much you can pay in which program’s Ad.
Mail is another effective way to reach people.
Email is more effective than mail. But all people don’t check spam email. You have to make sure that your subject of email is very attractive and has direct relation to your product.
You must have your own product website. And you can give ad on popular website. These are really very effective. In this way you can count what kind of people like your ad, what they dislike etc.

I believe the best way of mobile marketing is web. It’s cost effective. If you can advertise in the right way you can get thousands of customers without any effort. But again you should know who your target customers are. If they are aged, don’t use internets then this method won’t succeed. You have to know which way the best way is according to your target customer.

Now you know many things about mobile marketing. You know how to and where to go and do marketing to sale your products. First check, who will use your product, then plan in which method you can reach their attention and how.
Start planning and give it an action.

Prices of medicines

Shafeen (my 2 and half years old son) draw this picture

Price tag is available in some medicine packets. But in most cases there is no price info available on the packet. The medicine centers took its advantages. They ask any price that they want. And people have nothing to do about it. Even, they sells doctor’s sample with double price. When you don’t find that medicine in other place, you have no choice but buy from those people with double price.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For bodybuilders

People, who are looking for body building must want to increase the testosterone level. They need testosterone pills . Here is a good site where you can get good example on testosterone pills. There are several elements that increase your testosterone level. Like plants, vitamins and also some synthetic chemicals. Bodybuilders and athletics both might like to boost testosterone level. But you must check whatever you take for your testosterone boosters. There could be lack of valid scientific testing. testosterone pills helps to increase your testosterone levels to gain more muscles. It also enhances your mood. There are two main types of testosterone boosters. One is Tribulus (is a plant) and another one is ZMA (scientific mineral formula).

PL/SQL: Control Structures


Control Structures

  • Conditions checking
  • Basic loops.
  • FOR loop.
FOR counter IN lower_bound .. upper_bound
  • WHILE loop.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My son inherit allergy from me

Faisal and Shafeen, father and son

My son Shafeen (2 years and 9 months old) is totally looks like his dad. I thought he got nothing from me. But today I understood that I was wrong.

He got cold, that’s why he had to take antibiotic for few days. After starting taking antibiotic he felt good and could sleep properly. Again from yesterday his cold rises and he became sick. He is not feeling good, that’s why he tries to stay on my lap whole day. This is very difficult for a mother when she has to do all work by herself. I thought, his cold problem comes again. Then I saw some rashes on his face. I thought coz of sickness I didn’t give him bath regularly, that may coz this rashes. I gave him a quick bath and realize rashes are not only on his face but on his neck too. And it’s itching. Then I realize actually this is allergy. He had taken beef and that may coz this allergy. Oh Allah, I have the same problem. That’s why I stopped taking beef and some other food. Now this is going to happen with my son too.

I started giving him Histacin syrup. Now his rashes from face removed. I hope he will feel good soon.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

PL/SQL: SQL Statement

Shafeen with flower

The following code block shows how to run DML statements in PL/SQL. Basically they look similar to the SQL. Note that the SELECT statement retrieves the single-row value and store into a variable using INTO clause.
    v_sal employee.sal%TYPE;

    INSERT INTO employee VALUES (6, 'TOM LEE', 10000);

    UPDATE employee SET sal = sal + 5000 WHERE empno = 6;

      SELECT sal INTO v_sal FROM employee WHERE empno = 6;
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Salary increased to ' || v_sal); 
    DELETE FROM employee WHERE empno = 6;


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Personalized picture on your blanket

I know you have heard that you can put your own picture on your plate, T-shirt, cake etc. But you did hear about blanket? At least I wasn’t aware of that. You know, kids don’t like blanket. In cold season you don’t want to make sleep your child without a blanket. Then why don’t you put their picture on it? Or your or any cartoon characters picture? They will love that. Again you can decorate your cushion or sofa also with personalize picture. That will give your home a unique image. I know you many questions are coming in your head now about photo blanket. Why don’t you check this photo blanket site? You will be amazed by looking its options and decoration. Those are really adorable. Let’s make our home with personalized pictures on blankets.

Get relief from cooking food

Shafeen checking vegetables and asking me weather these are for food or not

Still I am not in full strength that I can work with full force. I work very slowly and can’t do multitasking. I am just completing work one after another. And my first priority of work is my son. So there is no time for my own.

Generally I cook four kind of dish for a complete balance of food. Like Rice, daal, meat/fish, vegetables. And if possible I make some think sweet. Usually I cook a bit more food then I need and preserve it in refrigerator. Now a day my food stock became empty and I couldn’t make enough time to cook more food. Yesterday at 3 pm when my lunch time was over I went to kitchen to start cooking lunch. On that time my mom came to work in her garden and asked me did I take my lunch? I said no, but I will cook now. She said wait, I am sending your food. That was a great help for me. Not only she sent me food for lunch, at dinner, again she sent my dinner. Shafeen (my 2 and half years old son) also enjoyed her food. It was a great help from mother. Some left over’s still there so, that will help me today too.