Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At beginning, I couldn’t stop crying

After getting married from the first day I am listening bad words or comment on my parents. First, I couldn’t stand it. I fall in cry. At the beginning of my married life, I couldn’t stop my tears when they said about my parents. Even I didn’t realize before that I love parents this much.

Everybody loves their parents. But they forget about that when a bride came at their home. They think they can say and do anything with her and she doesn’t have any right to argue. To tell you the truth, I never argued with them, no matter what they do or say. Later on my tolerance power increased, I could just listen and didn’t cry. But still I didn’t say any bad word about them even didn’t complain to my husband. But he never realize my problem, he is always with them. Never defend for me, just agreed what they say. Even he never thought, whether they are saying right or wrong. I expected him to stand before me and at least to stop them when they used bad thoughts about my parents. May be he thinks, only his parents should be respected… I have no value.
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