Monday, October 31, 2011

A common reason for breaking up friendship

I believe there are many reasons for breaking up with friends. Some are very common. Among them the most common issue is money. Money breaks not only friendship also make problem in every relationship.

In my university life we are 3 good friends, including me.  I knew, if money problem came then our friendship will be broken. So I told everyone, if anyone gives us treats that’s different, otherwise we will divide every single expenses into 3. No matter how high or low that amount. And it really worked. We never fight or had any problem in mind for money. Let me give you an example. To go to Shamsunnahar hall from Anex building, Dhaka University we took rickshaw. We always told offer them we 3 girl will go with 3 taka, do you agree. Some didn’t agree, but most of them did.
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