Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand father and Grandmother

Shafeen and his grand father (maternal), my father has some problem in kidney that's why  his  belly is full with water.

In Bangladesh, we don’t have any social protection from society or government in old age. So every people raise their children and hope that in future they will look after them. And mostly they do. This should be like that. Even if they don’t want it, they should take care of by their children. At least they need some time from their children.

I want to give and help my parent as much as possible. But I can’t do anything for them; even still I am taking from them. I am living in my mother’s house; don’t pay any bill (electricity, water or gas) and tax. Sometimes when I fall in sick they fed me and my son. Right now I am using my father’s computer’s mouse and sound box. Because, my one’s weren’t working properly. In many ways I am taking favor from them where I should give them. My parents took care of me properly; even when they became grand pa and ma they are still doing their work.
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