Monday, October 3, 2011

My son inherit allergy from me

Faisal and Shafeen, father and son

My son Shafeen (2 years and 9 months old) is totally looks like his dad. I thought he got nothing from me. But today I understood that I was wrong.

He got cold, that’s why he had to take antibiotic for few days. After starting taking antibiotic he felt good and could sleep properly. Again from yesterday his cold rises and he became sick. He is not feeling good, that’s why he tries to stay on my lap whole day. This is very difficult for a mother when she has to do all work by herself. I thought, his cold problem comes again. Then I saw some rashes on his face. I thought coz of sickness I didn’t give him bath regularly, that may coz this rashes. I gave him a quick bath and realize rashes are not only on his face but on his neck too. And it’s itching. Then I realize actually this is allergy. He had taken beef and that may coz this allergy. Oh Allah, I have the same problem. That’s why I stopped taking beef and some other food. Now this is going to happen with my son too.

I started giving him Histacin syrup. Now his rashes from face removed. I hope he will feel good soon.
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