Thursday, October 6, 2011

You can do Mobile Marketing, in 12 ways

Now a day we have plenty of option to choose products. There are many ways of advertising. In some cases even we don’t understand that we are influencing by the advertisement and buy that product. But in most cases we get irritate about advertising. Like news papers, spam emails, lots of mails etc. So, when we like to sell things we also like to advertise in a way where people won’t feel disturbed but will like the product.  The most interesting or easy way to go to people is mobile marketing. In this way, people won’t come to you to check your product, and you also won’t go to them but your information will go to them make them think that your product is the best, or interesting, so lest check it out. Mobile marketing means with less effort you will gain a lot. You won’t need much manpower. Only you have to smart enough to choose the right way and right words to get your target people.

Now let’s talk about the method of mobile marketing. Because, first you must know what are the options available to you. From which way you can reach to your target customers. Then you can choose your way or ways. You can see in the above picture there are many ways to do mobile marketing. Like…
·         SMS through cell phone
·         Radio
·         TV
·         Mail
·         Email
·         Web
·         Display
·         Print
·         Fax
·         Voice
·         Outdoor
·         Packaging

Now let’s discuss little elaborately. Cell phone is the most effective way to reach to common people. But you can’t disturb them. If anyone subscribes that they like to have more info about your product or get upcoming product info then you can send them message on recent updates. You can add another option, that if anyone likes to have more info can send sms, your people will contact with them to convince them about your product.
Radio is another way of mobile marketing. But here you have to think who listening radios are and who your target audiences are.
TV is most powerful media for marketing. Now depends how much you can pay in which program’s Ad.
Mail is another effective way to reach people.
Email is more effective than mail. But all people don’t check spam email. You have to make sure that your subject of email is very attractive and has direct relation to your product.
You must have your own product website. And you can give ad on popular website. These are really very effective. In this way you can count what kind of people like your ad, what they dislike etc.

I believe the best way of mobile marketing is web. It’s cost effective. If you can advertise in the right way you can get thousands of customers without any effort. But again you should know who your target customers are. If they are aged, don’t use internets then this method won’t succeed. You have to know which way the best way is according to your target customer.

Now you know many things about mobile marketing. You know how to and where to go and do marketing to sale your products. First check, who will use your product, then plan in which method you can reach their attention and how.
Start planning and give it an action.
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