Friday, May 18, 2012

If they asked me to fall down, I will fall down

Shafeen, he took this picture at the photo studio after listening  the photgrapher's and  mom's instruction

My 3 years old son needed a recent passport size photograph. Before taking him to the photo studio I sit with him and tried to prepare him. Because, previously every time we went to photo studio he didn’t let the photographer t take pictures. He cried, moved a lot. So, this time I wanted to avoid those incidences.

I told him, photographer will take a snap of you. Don’t worry, mom will be with you, but will stand with a little distance. You might need to sit on a tool and wait till the photographer complete his work. And you have to listen to him. If he says, move right, you have to move right, if he says move left you have to move left etc.

My son was listening to me carefully. After completion of my session he (my son) added, if he said fall down, I will fall down!
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