Monday, May 7, 2012

My washing machine fixed by itself

Only picture I found with only Deborah and me.

Before my marriage ceremony Deborah (from somewhere in…) asked me, what I want as a gift in my marriage ceremony. I said I need a washing machine. Little costly for them, I am sure, first thing she thought is she shouldn’t ask this to me. I didn’t know, finally how they manage, but they managed to give a good washing machine from Toshiba. I started to use it after having my son.

Then both I and my elder sister start using it. It was going fine, after few months it started creating problem. First, timer stopped working, so I had to run it and stop it as I felt work is done. Then it stopped moving and reverses moving and stops taking rest while washing the cloths. My work increased, I had to start it then stop the power to give it rest again start to run it. And I also told my sister that every time I came to wash my cloths I found something is wrong, so please don’t use my washing machine. Sounds rude, but I didn’t have any option.

Then after few days when I start working alone with this machine, one day I found, it recovered its problem automatically, now both timer and reverse moving is working, its taking some rest while working. Everything is going fine. Great! I think it only likes me to use it.
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