Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shafeen’s cap

Shafeen borrowed this black cap from his cousin brother Tameem (my elder sister's son)

Shafeen borrowed this from his grand mother's (maternal) kitchen

Shafeen (my 3 years old son) likes to wear hat. At home whatever he founds which can be wear like hat, he wears it. I brought a nice little red cap for him, from Prince Bazar, Shamoly ring road. He loved it very much. Where ever he went he wears that cap. But this year at International trade fair, some people took it in crowd. We searched it, but couldn’t find it. Now when he goes out he wears my cap, which I get from study tour Bagerhut, from geography & environment department of Dhaka University. But I know, he misses his nice little red cap.
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