Monday, May 28, 2012

Shafeen’s first visit at zoo

Me and Shafeen watching deers, they were kept open

Me and Shafeen on the bridge at the zoo, this zoo looks very attractive.

Me and Shafeen in front of elephant cage. Shafeen is telling elephants are hiding in side (haatigulo kook diye achhe)

Shafeen’s (my 3 years old son) got his first experience on zoo, when he was just 1 year and 10 months old. It was Alipur zoo, at Kolkata, India. He didn’t liked most of the things. He didn’t like to see animals inside the cage. But he liked Kakatua (one kind of bird), crow (they were not in the cage, were flying outside) and a bulldozer (It was inside a big cage, for construction). The funniest things he found is to run after the crows and flew them away. May be it was too early visit according to his age. We should again take him to the zoo. May be this time he will enjoy watching new animals.
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