Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some issues about Bashundhara city complex

Shafeen at Bashundhara city complex. You can see his hair became wet because of hot temperature inside the shopping mall.

When Bashundhara city complex built, everybody liked it, me too. Just one thing I concerned, maintenance. In Bangladesh we have seen when anything first build it looks great, but within few months it became dull, because of maintenance. Again Bashundhara authority surprises me. They keep the shopping complex clean (including toilets, though I found some cases they don’t provide toilet paper and some has broken hand shower) with proper maintenance.

But one thing really became terrible. It’s hitting system or AC. In this hot weather we go the shopping complex by thinking that after getting inside we will get some better environment, again inside there isn’t proper cooling system, so all the time we had to suffer hot temperature, especially at food court. 
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