Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I need to buy from shopping mall

Shafeen at Nandan Shopping mall Kakrail.

Everybody knows why people go to a shopping mall. Today I had a very good lesson. I need to buy 3 things (according to my budget, otherwise I might brought more), cheeps, liquid milk and sugar. And I had to spend 1 full hour, walking in the sun by taking my son on my lap from one shop to another. (I checked 5 shops.) My son was feeling sick, so he won’t walk. I have no option to keep him at home. If I could go to a shopping I could easily found those within 5 minutes, sun wouldn’t burn us; I would have more energy after returning home. Only one negative issue, I had to pay more in the shopping mall. Only for this reason I had to spend this much time and energy to buy things from nearby shop.
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