Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did you get your Eid Dress?


Still, I didn't get my Eid dress. But my husband promised he will gave me one before Eid day.

You know, in my child hood and I have also heard from my mom that in her childhood, they use to brought Eid dress and hide it till Eid day, that no one won’t be able to see it before Eid. Because Eid dress has to be brand new and nobody will see it before Eid. For long time I knew that this is our culture… but when I was in upper class in school this tradition changed. Now a day kids brought dresses and show to their friends and family, to see what they got…

When I was a child I mean I was in primary school, I use to see after Eid, that all children are talking about how many dresses they got this year, some says 2, some 3 or some 4. I always keep quite in this kind of conversation, because I always got one dress in Eid.

But, may be Allah see this happens with me. Now a day my son gets 7 to 9 dresses in Eid. We gave one then his all uncles and aunts, grandfather and grandmother gives… so he gets a lot. So, for the rest of the year we don’t need to buy any dress for my son for outing.
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