Sunday, September 16, 2012

The worst Eid that I ever had

Shafeen is talking food by himself

This year I have passed the worst Eid ul fitre that I ever had. Two days before Eid day, I suddenly fall in sick. And I was in terrible sick for 1 week. I didn’t have strength to wake up. If I was the only person to care, then I might not try to get up my head from bed. But I have a little kid. I just somehow manage to woke up and feed him. For one week I couldn’t take bath, neither I could give bath to my son. Even in Eid day I couldn’t do anything. I only somehow make myself to change my son’s dress. The only celebration I could give to my son is to wear new dress.

My mom and sister gave me foods. Which I share with my son, this way somehow I survived. Nobody communicate with me to give me Eid greetings. People who always claim that they love my son, wanted to see him, didn’t care even to talk with him, not to just say him “Eid Mubarak”. They enjoyed their Eid with good food, they celebrate with their relatives. Nobody cared, how my son is passing his Eid with a sick mother, what he is eating, did he make go out on that very special day or not. No body. No phone call or no message and obviously no visiting.

One thing I realize in that week, only because of my son, my heart start beating again (it was stopped during the delivery of my son). Because, except me, nobody is there, to think about my son, weather he is alive or not.
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