Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big politicians should visit places.

Shafeen and all are in trouble to pass a narrow path, Shafeen was 3 years and 9 months old. 

Few days back I went to a grocery shop near Buddha Mandir. On the road, I found everything is looking little more decent. I wonder what happen. Generally, no matter how wide or narrow the road is people will park rickshaw, car or van on it and you have to face trouble with these parking. On that day no parking was on the road. The hawkers, who always sit beside the road, actually they sit at the side and on the road, were removed. On that day I found the boy who use to sale banana always, now sitting inside a sub-road (which goes to the main road). People who always have time to gossip on the road with a tea stall, was not there. I asked to the boy (who sales banana) what happen. He said police removed all from the main road. I noticed in the tea stalls police are taking tea and snacks. And in the main road police and military vans are running.

I went to the grocery shop and asked one buyer what going on? He replied today is the “chibar daan dibosh” for Buddhist people. So, in the Mandir the prime minister will come with other foreign delegates.

Hmm, I felt good for the first time as big Politian will come to that place. Generally I don’t like to go near of them. Too much security (I agree it’s needed) make me annoyed. Even when they pass roads, they block the entire road and run the car like a king. I don’t like that either. They make problems not only for that road passers but creates traffic jam in the whole city. I think they should have their work area inside their government home. I guess it’s big enough to make a portion for both residential and official space. So, mango people won’t face more problems in road. They don’t have hassle to run in the road with lots of security people.

But that day I thought, maybe they needed to visit places sometimes. So that, may be on those moment we can see that our condition can be little better. May be for a little time, but it can be.
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