Friday, November 9, 2012

Let them go, if they want to go.

When people fall in love then they can’t see anything (that means the real situation where they are falling). The only priority comes in front of them is love. No matter what happen love should stay. Even some people accept death instead of losing love. By the way, all people are not same.

Some shows they are very smart; they think about the situation in every angel and decide what to do next. They are really intelligent people. They broke others heart, say we are really feeling sorry about that (actually not, because they always very selfish, all decision goes only for their own benefit) situation. Ultimately when these people get marry (or took the final decision of their life) I never saw they make a very good choice. Sometimes I felt the previous one was better than this.

If I judge myself, then I am always in the foolish section. People play with my mind; take my attention by showing how poor condition they are facing without me. But I always stand for my love. When I made promise that I will never leave you, I never did, even after that person decided to leave me.

But one good lesson I had learnt, that we should not force the situation, especially the family decision. It is good that they break our heart once, not every day. Or force to any person to love you no matter how hard you want. If he wants to leave you now, he might want that next also.

When I decided to get marry, my hubby’s family didn’t like me. But we stay together. We didn’t force our family but waited for years. Finally (still don’t know why) they changed their mind, and we got married. But in their heart they never accept me, they found nothing good at me. Even I didn’t know myself that I have this much negative things. Did I get marry to get this situation? No. Now I understand that when they showed that they don’t want me, I should have back up.

In any kind of relation, if any person ever shows that they don’t want me I should step back, no matter what kind of misunderstanding going on between my friends. This could be in facebook friend, chat friend, off line friend, ex-colleague anything. I should not look for them ever. I have to make myself strong.
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