Friday, November 16, 2012

Why boy’s things like that?

Why boy’s things like that? They found evidence that the girl is falling in love with them, in her every movement. If a girl went to their house for books, if a girl look at him by thinking he is a known person of her and then realize he is someone else, she laughed at him for any reason, she stand on the roof which side the boys house stays, she likes any of his quality like writing, playing, singing or anything else, accidently touches body, does all means she fall in love with the guy? Oh! Come on!

If any of this happens, boys start believing that girl has lost her in me. Now his reaction will be in two ways. One he will also start liking the girl (or will only show that he also like her to see the drama) or will run away to avoid her.

Actually all are doing wrong here. Any person can like any person’s good quality; it doesn’t mean, they fall in love with each other. I like Sharatchandra chattapaddhay, he is my favorite writer, and I like Humayun Ahmed’s writing, and will that mean I love everything of them? I just like their writing.

I found thousands of boys who felt like that. I really felt sorry, why this happening? Can’t I talk, move, drink water, and say hi or anything? Why always boys get wrong vibe from me? What have I done? When I was in university once I told this to one of my friend. They said, I should feel proud of that. If boys thinking like that, let them thinking and enjoy all moments. That made me feels better, no doubt. But I really never felt proud of these things. I always tried to remove this wrong info from their mind. And everywhere I get the same result. Those people never want to keep any communication with me, and start hating me. Now I became the bad person.

May be I should enjoy those moments and let them have all kind of wrong thinking, because, no matter what I do, at the end, all will blame me. So, why felt bad? I should take all as natural habit of boys. 
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