Sunday, January 6, 2013

Using “like” in Facebook

Facebook has many features that we all don’t use always, especially when they introduce new features. People suddenly don’t understand it, or faces difficult to understand or sometimes miss use it (including me).  The most common and easy feature is “Like” option. Very easy to use and describe what we feel.

Is it? Why we use like? Tell me. Answer could be, when we like the post. Do we always do so? Let me give you some example.

One person wrote a poem about the heart breaking of his first love. We will see people giving “like” after “like”. Why? The person is crying, and you like it? What them to fall in this trouble that they can write more like that? Allah knows. The most interesting part is, that person also likes to get so many “like”.

A person is dead; someone wrote something about it. And we start giving “like”. May be you like the writing, you can say it in the comment, but if you like that post that also means you are feeling good that the person is dead.

Sometimes we use “Like” to share it with our friends that they will see what I liked. You can use “Share” button. No need to say like unless you like it.

Sometime we may "Like" a post to let others know that you are online...Hey you have chat option and message option. What you think why are they given for?
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