Friday, February 1, 2013

My son’s recent demand is bicycle

My son’s recent craze is bicycle. He has one, actually that was mine (when I was 6 years old, my dad bought it for me from Saudi Arabia). As time passed the cycle became old and had some problem. My mother made some permanent fixing to make it run. This is where my son has some objections. Let me explain.

Like other kid’s bicycle, it has two little extra tire to make balance. My son wants to remove it, as he saw it in other adult cycle. But my mother made it permanent, so it can’t be removed. So, he is now demanding a new bicycle. On the road whenever he saw any bicycle he stops moving and asks me to give him a bicycle like this. I always said “Yes” (though I don’t know when). Sometimes he wants to take away a bicycle which might he found parking beside the road, I had to make him realize that he can’t take others things.

Recently he discovers in “Rio” animation film that there is a bicycle which can be ride by 3 peoples. So, this became his new demand. I asked him, who else is going to ride with you? He replied, “first me (himself), then my friend”. I had asked, then? He said, “Then you”. I am happy; in my son’s dream tour he included me. I don’t care who is going to come in my son’s life, I am going to love her more than her own mother, because she is going to live in my son’s heart, where I can never hurt.

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