Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If we don’t educate humanity to our kids, then from where they will learn?

Me with kids

Generally boys became closer to mom than girls. In the same way girls became daddy’s favorite kid than boys. My younger boy was little different. Generally he never goes to my mom unless he needs something. One day I read a poem from my school book “choyonika” (it’s not available now). It was “Bayojeed Bostami” and explained to him (It’s about a boy, whose mom asked water and then fall in sleep. The boy woke up and went too far place to bring a glass of water and stand still next to mom until she woke up to give her water).  After that I saw my brother changed, he started stay near to mom and listen to her (well his attitude didn’t stay for long).  And I found that a good writing can really make a person better.

I believe if we put good writing, poem of our good poets in our text books, the kid will learn how to love their motherland, how to love the environment of our country, how to respect our parent etc. They won’t learn anything if they get to know that one bridge was get fired and drop down, or some kids fall down from a hill or any egg drops and break down.
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