Friday, August 2, 2013

Tips for frozen food user

Generally we bought 2 kinds of prepared frozen food. One is bread crumb coated; another one is covered or created by rooti (paratha). The bread crumb coated foods are nugget, fish fingers or vegetable fingers etc. Rooti based foods are paratha, singara (samusa) etc.

When you are planning to fry the frozen foods which are bread crumb coated, you should keep them out from refrigerator for long time to make them adjust with room temperature. So, when you fry it will be cook well, easily.

You have to do the opposite when you are planning to fry the rooti made frozen foods. You have to keep them in deep cold area before fry. Otherwise it will stick with each other and you won’t be able to separate them well.

Another tip is when you buy frozen foods, please try to keep them separate, that it doesn’t crashes with other goods. This may make your food like mashed potato.
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