Thursday, April 24, 2014

A man became a king after marriage in his in laws family

In Bangladesh after marriage a groom became a king in his in law’s house. His treats are totally different than any other person of this world. For him, bride’s mom will cook the best dishes. All will treat him very well to make him happy. He becomes the most honorable person in the house. Life will be   changed like a king after marriage. People don’t expect a groom to do anything.

Well marriage can’t be done by one person. Let’s look at the other side now. When the bride comes to in law’s family, people expect her to make everyone happy. By cooking, cleaning, take caring etc. She can’t talk loud in front of her in laws. She has to obey and do everything whatever asked by the in laws. Everybody expected to be treated like king from the bride.

Why this difference. Both people are marrying; both should enjoy new life in same way…. 
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