Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Need to encourage small entrepreneurs

Kids are growing up, some finishes study, some looks for other job…. But do new job creating this way. NO. All think to do something to earn to live. But it’s not easy. Here every day competition becoming hard to harder. Only few lucky people can get job whatever they like… what about others? Are they not capable to do that job? No, they can. But there are limited vacancies. We should think to create more and more job, that everybody will be benefited. If you can’t find your proper candidate, then train them. Make this world easier for people. We are all the same inhabitant on this earth. Man power is better than machine power, its environment friendly, cheap and more people can have better life with good earning.

We should encourage small entrepreneurs. In media we should focus and show their work and success story. In our education system, we should encourage kids, to make some by their own, not only study and became doctor or engineer. The world needs more, we should understand that…
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