Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If that person give me a smile, my heart sank

We all like good behavior at every place, not only in customer service. In any workplace, hospital, transport or any organization you will find some people to help you. Well nothing is free. Their charge (salary) is already included with the total cost. They should give you good behave, smile or help without asking.

But things are not that easy in Bangladesh. When someone is working for me, and that person give me a smile, my heart sank. I understand very well, that after the task, this person is going to ask money (bokshish). And I am bound to give that (not officially).

Even any person start talking with me (not related with work), I understand this person is trying to make good impression on me to ask money. And I was always right.

Few days back, one rickshaw puller started gossiping with me on the road, about the weather, his kid etc. And as suspected, that guy took double fair from me. Almost by force, in front of my house he was shouting.

From hospital when I was preparing to go home (after giving birth of my son) one nurse started taking very good care of me. I knew I have to give more money to her than other. I did. But she wasn't happy with that. So again I had to make it triple (from others) then she leave me (or let me go).
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