Wednesday, January 10, 2007

organizing organizing organizing work

to do list, which is inside my mind, is getting bigger and bigger. now situation is in my dream i also keep planning, facing problem with my tasks. and offcourse feel bad when i found, still, lots of things to do.

now thinking... how i will organize all of my work? which one will come in first priority....
there are all kinds of work
free lance job,

don't now, may be work load making me little bit slow. may be if i had less things to do, then i might do it faster. may be...

anyway lets face, whatever come infront of me, no problem, i can handle anything. i believe. already promised a dead line for a personal project, where couldn't do anything in last few days. may be not even today. from next day will go for that at home. may i have to go to office in week ends too..... work work and more work in organized way....
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