Saturday, January 6, 2007


Yesterday, I have visited softexpo at 7pm. I thought there must be a queue at the entrance but that wasn’t there and I was looking for the ticket counter. Guard said “no need”. Venue was covered by light (may be inspired by SAARC) and inside it is well organized. Many people were there but that was not too crowed. That’s very good for visiting stalls and listen their comments. I was interested on accounting software’s. I think 60% stall has accounting software. And all of them declare their software is much better than tally. The accounting software “Troyi” really impressed me (or the distributor could convince me) that they have very rich reporting system which Tally doesn’t (as I heard earlier that tally is very much popular for its rich reporting system). I found the animation software much more improved than previous year. And another most focus software was bangle software’s. I believe this softexpo will be very helpful for general people, companies (who need software) as well as developers (where they can meet and see each others work).
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