Friday, October 26, 2012

Every relation has some expectations, some boundaries and some accepting level.

Every relation has some expectations, some boundaries and some accepting level. But these are not same for all, may vary to different people.

The favorite and comfortable relation is friendship. I love them. I care for them. Whether they like me as friend or not, I will help them (if needed) as much as I can. They all have negative and positive things. Some of them take hard drink, chewing tobacco, do cheating, steal others money and have different view for many things, from different religion, some don’t believe in religion. I like them all, for their many positive things. It’s true I won’t like to see them doing my “not favorite” things in front of me, but I won’t break my friendship. I really want my friend to be with me, always.

The most flexible relation is parent child relation. No matter what you do your parent or your child may forgive you always and will love you. Again, there are many differences here to. Some parent may forgive and try to save their child even after murder; some parent may kick their child out from their life if they get marry by themselves. In my case, my parent accepted my choice. Though they didn’t it but didn’t give me any single objection. Even now they didn’t ask me once, why I am living like this.

The most restricted relation is marriage relation. Some couples are very flexible with each other some not. But in most cases nobody will allow cheating, bad behavior etc.  I guess my husband give me flexibility in many area, because I never force him to do anything, even if that break my heart, I will never stop him. He is like a free bird. But there are some irony restrictions for him too. I am never going to allow him to break any promise, to take drug, get hard drink, smoking etc. He had stopped smoking habit after our relation. Even he can’t get marry again (he had to promise me), even if I leave him or died (well I can’t stop him after my death, but it’s a promise). So, do me. I will not get marry again, no matter what happen. We won’t give any step father or mother to our child. My poor husband, what a rude lady he got.

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