Saturday, November 24, 2012

I had to avoid angry people.

Shafeen took his picture by himself

There are many people on this earth who gets anger very frequently. They shout, use slang, and sometimes use hands too. May be as a human they are very good, may be they have many good qualities. May be they are very successful in life. But I like to keep distance from them. I can’t tolerate angers.

This angry attitude has in too many persons in my life. For every one I use one formula, keep distance, talk less and never argue. Because I don’t want to see them shouting on me and use those words which they shouldn't ever tell me. I have rejected (don’t allow to come near me, indirectly) 3 persons only because of their anger. If we remove this anger from them, they could one of the best men in this world. May be some people never gets angry with me, but I have seen their anger with others. So, I could assume if anyhow they gets angry with me (I am not a perfect person), they will do the same or worse.

Even I avoid or don’t say more than necessary words with some of our relatives too, because I can’t tolerate their anger. I know, you all will hate me to know that I keep some distance with my mother too. Because she is an angry person too. In my childhood she beaten up me only for her anger (sometimes I wasn't the cause of her angry). I love her, help her but maintain some distance. Because sometimes these angry people make my headache, then I had to take painkiller, relaxing tab and go for long sleep only to live.
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