Monday, January 21, 2013

My mind is making me sick

Shafeen (my 4 years old son) took this picture.

Some people have very good control on their mind. No matter how difficulty they face in their mind, physically they stay fit. And I am not that kind of person. If my body somehow gets infected, it takes down my mind too. And whenever I felt depressed, it strongly effect on my body. Mainly my headache started. Then the only one duty remains for me, how to stop my headache (because when it increases it felt my head is going to bust out, I start vomiting, and can’t resist the pain).  So, I try to sleep, if not succeed to stop the headache then take napa (paracetamol), it that don’t work too, then finally had to take clofenac and relaxation. This way generally problem solves. But this time it’s not working, may be I couldn’t give myself enough rest. I wish that I know how to get rid of this pain.

Today I was feeling little better, then suddenly a phone call came and I have got an invitation to go to a place at Saturday, and again headache starts. So, I had to say myself, don’t worry, you won’t go there. My brain liked that, now I am feeling good from headache. 
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