Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Shafeen did in his first day at school

Shafeen is ready to go to school

Shafeen is getting his dad ready for his first day at school.

Yesterday was Shafeen’s first day at school. He was very happy with his school and told me he wants to go there again and again. In one and half hour school:
  • he played,
  • join class,
  • color his book,
  • fight with his new friend,
  • took back his water pot from other child,
  • took chocolate from miss’s (teacher’s) table, because she didn’t give it by herself,
  • eat at tiffin time, 
  • play in the play area (including basketball),
  • get hurt by dropping down,
  • tear his water pot's belt,
  • come back home by walking etc.

I don’t whether he will remember his first day or not, so I like to write it down for him. May be some day he will read it and show it to his son!
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