Thursday, June 6, 2013

First tour in Airbus

Shafeen (my son) and I were in the queue to get inside the airplane.

Shafeen and I are looking for our sits inside the airbus

Shafeen was watching other airbuses through the window of the Jet Airways

Me and Shafeen in front of the airbus, the noise was very annoying to Shafeen.

I don’t remember the first air travel of my life.  It was from Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia. I was just 3 years old. Then we use to use local airbuses while traveling one area to another in Saudi Arabia and also used big jumbo airbus to come and go to Bangladesh in holidays. But I wasn’t old enough to look at the airbus name. But we became use to travel in airbuses. I can also remember the feeling when airbus take off and land and also when it fall in air pocket (off course not the first one). Later I have found some air ticket of Saudia Airlines, with my name.

When I became adult again get chance to ride on airplane inside Bangladesh. It was from Jossore to Dhaka. Then my experience was Malaysianairlines to go to Malaysia. Then Jet airlines to go to Kolkata.

Now this Kolkata tour became my son’s first airlines experience. His age was 1 year and 10 months, so there is no chance to remember anything. But I remember his moments. The first thing he found that it noises a lot. Then he watches other airbuses from the window. And finally see how the plane takes off. He got afraid, and start saying in low volume, “mom is here”, “mom is here”. But before the plane landed he fall in sleep.
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