Sunday, June 23, 2013

I believe in freedom.

I believe in freedom. Freedom to work, go anywhere or taking decision. You may think I am talking about women freedom. Well, I am a woman, so women will come first, that’s for sure. But here I am talking about freedom of all creatures. Even the ant which is walking on my floor, it should have freedom to find food and eat.

And everything has a border line. You shouldn't cross that. I can allow that Ant to find food from my dustbin. Not in my bed room. You can’t have freedom which cost trouble to other or even you. All don’t understand this; they think they can do anything, they want that is freedom. I never force anybody to take my decision; neither have I liked other people’s force to choose their path.

Even you can love any person, but can’t cheat your partner. You can help other, but for helping can’t take money from there where someone else has right. You can spend your time anywhere you want, but can’t avoid them who has right to have your time.

And I also believe, if anyone miss use their freedom, they have no right to have it. All can’t digest freedom of everything in all age. And no matter how much power a person have they can’t take others freedom.

Moral of the talk: you can do anything, but hurt anybody, not even you.
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