Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some tips

Me and Shafeen (my 4 years and 5 months old son)  at Bashundhara City Shopping  Complex

I have a tip for Dhaka Inhabitants. You should try to avoid Moghbazar to Bangla Motor road if possible, because Mouchak – Moghbazar flyover construction has started, and it blocked half of the road at the middle. Small space is free where only one row of car can pass. So to avoid terrible traffic jam we better find different way to move.

Here is a tip for the tea lovers. If you are at Bashundharacity shopping complex and you need to take tea then you can go the level 1 at the end of the row where Almas shop stands. They give tea per cup 10taka. Or you can go to the level 6 just opposite of the level1 food court. It is standing at the end of shoe shops. Their tea is also well. Or the easy way is to go the level 8 and find “Dhakya” food stall. They also provide tea.
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